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MODEL:large milling machine



X axis travel/mm  


Y axis travel/mm


Z axis travel/mm


Spindle nose to table surface/mm


Gate width/mm



Table Size(L*W)


Max Load on the table/kg


T-Slot Size/mm

Features:high speed and high rigidity

Packing:Wooden Case,Standard packing

Delivery Time: 26Days

Strong cutting capacibility

The most excellent response system for counter-balance Z-axis

The most excellent strength in structure

The advanced control system

The maximized feeding structural system

The most applicable spindle box

The most excellent feeding system

The spindle box is designed on the base of the most applicable rectangular ratio with inside structured by interlayers and arcuated ribs

Special staged propping system with 3 sliders on upper guideway and 3 RG series roller-type sliders makes the travelling range od sliders on the guideway reach 50%-70% of guideway length,deserving a super strength and stability.

Our columns have adoped box-type structural column and machine weight has increase 25%.

The large milling machine base is made in the form of box-type structure and chip removal slots from one-body formed stout base wall and rib plates have strngthened static rigidity and dynamic accuracy of machine base.

With box-type and staged strctural design, the crossbeam has best moment of inertia for resistance to bending, ensuring the work of machine on Y axis and Z axis with static orecision.

With special closed double-deck sructure, high rigid roller-type slider and RG guideway with best space the bottom,the travelling distance of slider on work table has reachied 25% of table length.

large milling machine

large milling machine

large milling machine

cnc milling machine

used gantry VMC machine

Model No.large milling machineGS-1215GS-1220GS-1520GS-1125GS-1822GS-1830
Travels gantry milling machine
X axis travel/mm150020002000240022003000
Y axis travel/mm120012001500150018001800
Z axis travel/mm80080080080010001000
Spindle nose to worktable/mm150-950150-950200-1000200-1000200-1200200-1200

Table size(L*W)1500*10002000*10002000*13002500*13002200*15003000*1500
Gate width/mm120012001500150018001800
Max load on the table/kgs350035005000500060006000
Spindle speed/rpmZF two speed gearbox(1:1/1:4)/40-6000
Spindle taper7/24 Taper No.50
Spindle motor/kw15/18.5
X,Y axis rapid traverse(M/min)202020151212
Z axis rapid traverse(M/min)15
Max cutting feedrate(mm/min)10-10000
Toolmagazine capacity(opt)/pcsArm type 24
Max exterior tool diameter/mmφ200
Max tool length/mm350
Max tool weight/kgs20
Tool change time/sec(T-T)5(Arm Tpye)
X,Y,Z axis0.025<5000
positioning accuracy/mm
X,Y,Z axisi repeatability positioning accuracy/mm0.015
Machine size
Power requirement/KVA40
Space requirement(L×W)4500*32005500*32005000*38006000*38005800*40007500*4000
Machine height/mm400040004300430046004600
Machine weight12500155001900025000 2500028000
Control systemFANUC-0i MD

Main machine configuration

 gantry milling machine

1.large milling machine control system: Fanuc-0i MD (full set)
2.Arm type A.T.C with 24 tools, 30-6000rpm spindle.7/24 taper No.50.
3.ball screw chip removal system
4.heat exchanger
5.heavy-load linear guide rails on X/Y axis
6.automacti lubrication system
7.work and alarm lamps
8.coolant system
9.double nigtrogen gas cylinder balance system
10.fully enclosed splash guard
11. RS232 connector and DNC connector
12.rigid tapping
13.standard accessories

large milling machine for sale,please email me: tyler@hzdtsk.com

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