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Oil Water Separator

With the increasing demand in processing, the expenditure in machine tool use is also in the increasing and the cost of cutting

fluid is even more than the use of a tool. But the cost of operating a machine will be greatly reduced if the service life of cutting 

fluid can be extended.

In addition to cost considerations, professional health of staff and the environmental pollution are also increasingly concerned. 

And it is also a concern for each business owner of how to offer employees an working environment that is non-polluting and 


Oil-water separator can effectively remove oil in cutting fluid so as to avoid chemical reaction of cutting fluid that caused 

by fusion of oil and cutting fluid. This reaction will contribute to metamorphism of the cutting fluid in a short time. Usually 

the service life of cutting fluid could be extended by 30% after using the oil-water separator.

Oil-water separator suitable for medium-sized machining center will usually cost 600 usd; 
Oil-water separator suitable for large machining center will usually cost 800 usd; 


Belt type oil-water separator: mainly used for water and emulsion cleaning in equipment like cnc lathe, machining

center and cleaning machine equipment. In machining process, cutting fluid carries the oil in the workpiece into the 

coolant tank; meanwhile, parts of the lubricating oil in the machine tool is also carried into the water tank. (These 

oil is floating on liquid of the water tank, which separate the coolant from the air. The anaerobic bacteria in coolant multiplies

 in this way, causing coolant discoloration, metamorphism, be smelly and thus loss the should be function of cooling fluid.)

Belt type oil-water separator separating the oil from the machine cooling water tank so as to prolong the service 

life of the cooling fluid. The cooling effect is better and thus will prolong the service life of cutting tools. This is an 

excellent way of cost savings, improving working conditions for the operator and also achieve the effect of the environmental 

protection and saving; the separated waste oil can be recycled and turning waste into treasure. This water-oil separator  not only

 solves the environmental problems caused by scrapped coolant but also helps to enhance the environmental image of enterprise,

 which caters to the new environmental protection concept.

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